What is liondance?

Liondance offers many services to cater to all your audio needs - both live at your gig or event, or the studio. 

Some of our services include: 

  • Online based audio mixing/editing
  • Live sound production for gigs/events/parties: We offer a Live Sound package which can include live sound for your gig or event, plus a recording of the event, edited and mixed into a professional 'live album' ready for release. 
  • Podcast production
  • Voice over production for advertisements, videos, etc. Voice over actors available upon request.
  • Session musicians
  • Acoustic recording studio: Currently specialising in acoustic soloists, duos, or trios due to space constraints.
  • Music Industry Mentoring: Work along side Liondance as we take the time to assist you in taking YOUR musical journey to the next level!
  • B1G1 - We are passionate about using our skills and abilities to make a practical impact in the world. As a result, a portion of the earnings from every project undertaken with Liondance Records is donated to charity. Stay tuned for more info from our partners coming soon!


In our constantly growing and upgrading studio we are all about working with an artist to create and capture an honest and pure performance.  

With professional engineers on hand to facilitate your recording session, you can be sure that your creative vision will always be heard and honoured.  
We're about YOU and YOUR MUSIC, portrayed as honestly as possible.  

Most recent projects...

Maple, the Artist

Live album production

Maple, the artist

Liondance Records was recently fortunate enough to have the opportunity to manage and record a live gig for Brisbane based artist, Maple

Held at the stunning 'Can You Keep a Secret?' on Stanley Street, Liondance is currently working on the raw audio from this intimate gig to produce a live album, in partnership with Jelightly Photography and The Listening Room Gig Guide

Stay tuned for more info coming soon!

co-producer w/ Alchemix studios

Liondance Records created the majority of the currently available musical releases for the artist Majelen, whilst producing from a laptop, travelling the globe (on a horse no less!). 

The only element lacking for Liondance was a studio, and therefore we were proud to work with Alchemix Studios in West End, Brisbane, to capture the final sections of recorded work. 


Liondance Records is a smooshing together of musical genius and a burning desire to courageously create positive and lasting change in the world.
Liondance is about using what you do to inspire others, it’s about using your own voice to speak truth - and even perhaps to roar on behalf of those who cannot speak for themselves.

We are about crafting space for passionate people to create, for we believe that beauty and joy come from within... to be shared with those around us.

By honestly being who we are, we make space and give room for others to do the same - and that is empowering. That is world changing.

As a developing record label, music production company, live sound tech company and independent producer of brand new and upcoming music - we are crafted on courage, purpose built to pioneer, and justifiably geared for joy spreading. 

Cause life is good, so why not?

Join the Liondance. 

You’re a part of this too...

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